The higher ground, not the middle of the road

I’m running for Congress to represent a special interest group:

Honest, decent and thoughtful people who live throughout Northern Nevada.

No matter what political party you’ve traditionally supported or if, like me, you pride yourself on being an independent voter, we can agree on one thing: The current state of affairs is a disgrace.

No matter how you feel about Congressman Mark Amodei as a person, he is the poster child for what most people hate about today’s politicians. They’re more concerned with proving their party loyalty than solving problems.

Rep. Amodei said recently said that Congress is “a team sport.”

What a sad and cynical mindset. He’s paid to represent the people of Northern Nevada, no matter their party affiliation or lack of affiliation. He swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, not his party or his president.

We see the shameful result of that mentality:

A refusal to talk to or even listen to his own constituents.

A refusal to utter one word of protest against his party’s leader, Donald Trump, the most ignorant, irresponsible and dishonest major political figure in American history.

I flatly condemn Donald Trump and Trumpism.

Like the character assassination and blacklisting during McCarthyism in the 1950s, the lying, ignorance, corruption and hatred of Trumpism is a betrayal of American values, an evil worth fighting. I’ve been fighting back against it for 3 years.

As your representative, I promise to vote for and fight for what all honest, decent, thoughtful Northern Nevadans believe in:

  • Truth
  • The common good
  • The rule of law
  • An equal opportunity to prosper
  • Responsible stewardship of taxpayer money and our planet’s resources
  • A practical strategy to combat the uniquely American plague of gun violence
  • Quality, affordable medical care that is accessible in any community
  • Systematic and smart immigration reform that honors our melting-pot heritage while also taking into account real-life tensions that can result from mass migrations.

At this website you can find specifics about my stands on these and other Hot-Button issues, browse my Likes and Dislikes in politics and life, and discover some Fresh Ideas of mine for a more perfect union.

Please join me in fighting for a safe and prosperous Northern Nevada, a government that works, and a country we can all be proud of.