Some of Ed’s Likes & Dislikes

Nevada’s quality of lifeCalifornia’s taxes, traffic and cost of living
Truth, Justice and the America WayGovernment by infantile, law-scoffing liar
Honor and courage to do what’s rightHypocrites who ignore liars if one heads their political party
Toleration of different viewsTake Our Country Back
All of the Democrats who ran in the presidential primariesCircular firing squads
All of the Republicans running for president except oneThat one
All of my competitors in the primaryThe thought of any of us losing the general election
Fiscal responsibilityOnly caring about deficits if the other party is running them up
Fair, accurate, responsible journalistsCalling them the enemy of the people
Supporting democraciesPraising murderous dictators
Freedom of religionFreedom from religion
Wild horses on the rangeWild horses destroying pasture land
Good jobs in responsibly operated minesUnsafe work in mines that pollute
Preservation and responsible use of public lands and national parksAnything less
Responsible use of water and other natural resources,Thoughtless, corrupt, unregulated use that leads to conflict
Smart, sustainable developmentBuild it, take the money, and run
Keep Tahoe BlueKeep Liars in Office
The freedom to have partisan news sourcesPartisan news sources
Judicial independencePoliticization of judicial appointments, elections or decisions
Free and fair electionsVoter suppression
No one is above the lawExcept the president
CollegeElectoral College
A corrections system focused on teaching responsibilityThe lock-’em-up or let-’em-go status quo
Equal pay for equal workAnything less
Welcoming refugees who are running for their livesMuslim bans
Science and dataVery stable geniuses
All things Notre DameMost things Michigan (he’s from Ohio)
FootballChronic traumatic encephalopathy. And soccer
Pizza every dayCoronary heart disease
Beautiful Northern NevadaHaving to be away from it to work in Washington