Constituents Bill of Rights

A Bill of Rights for Constituents 

Served by a Member of the House of Representatives

  1. The Representative and staff will tell the truth.
  2. Any constituent who asks an honest question relevant to congressional business will be given an actual answer. Not a form letter that avoids the question. It may not be the answer the constituent desires. The answer could also be, “We don’t know” or, “We haven’t decided.” History may show that it was not the best possible answer. But constituents will get an answer, not merely a response.
  3. There will be no favoritism shown toward constituents who are members of the Representative’s party or who contribute to the Representative’s campaign.
  4. All phone calls will be returned, and all questions submitted online will receive a reply, not merely an automated acknowledgment of submission.
  5. Constituents are entitled to whatever assistance the office staff can render in regard to problems involving federal agencies. Nothing less and nothing more.
  6. The Representative will honor as many meeting requests as possible, and when it is impossible for the Representative to attend, a staff representative will fill in.
  7. Any staff member caught being less than truthful with constituents will be disciplined and if the behavior persists will be terminated.
  8. Constituents can rely on the Representative to vote his or her values as articulated during the campaign and to never allow party loyalty to supersede those values.
  9. The Representative will never campaign for a higher office while occupying the present office. This is supposedly a full-time job demanding full attention.
  10. The Representative will never place party loyalty ahead of responsibilities of office, especially the duties to serve constituents and defend democracy.